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Curate provides caterers with the ability to create quick, accurate, and beautiful proposals and so much more!

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Curate is the most intuitive, modern catering software.

Create your recipes inside your proposals for an accurate pull list

Clients can view, sign, and pay for your proposals from a single screen

Easily keep track of your consumables

Create your recipes inside your proposals for an accurate pull list

Have a recipe that serves 12 but need to multiply it out for 135? Well, you can now add in the original recipe and let Curate take care of the rest. Not only will your proposal reflect the cost of the menu in a way that helps you price for a profit, but your recipes will be  easily accessible for your kitchen staff.

Curate Proposals on cell phone to edit recipes
Curate digital catering proposals

Clients can view, sign, and pay for your proposals from a single screen.

Gone are the days of having to track down a client for a signature or retainer payment. Curate Proposals is the only catering software that offers mobile-friendly proposals, leveraging the power of technology to help improve efficiency for caterers like you. Additionally, your clients can now pay and sign your proposals digitally!

Easily keep track of your inventory

Rental items like tablecloths, chairs, chargers, flatware, glassware can be easy to overbook when you have multiple events on the same day but Curate Rentals offers notifications to keep that from happening. Now, there will be no more overbooking your rental items!

Curate software helps rental companies manage rental inventory.
Tricia Woodman loves Curate's proposal software.

“Curate is going to help us save 80+ hours per week of administrative time.”

- Tricia Woodman -
Owner, Corky's BBQ & Simply Delicious Catering
Cardinals Nation in St. Louis loves the Curate catering software

"Curate beautifully automates and simplifies the system that I use to keep my kitchen profitable. It’s simple enough that I can teach it to other kitchen staff who don’t do tech."

- William Ortmann -
St. Louis Cardinals Nation, General Manager


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Complimentary On-boarding

Forget having to pay extra to learn how to use a software.

Not only does Curate offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, but we offer a free personalized onboarding session to get you set up and trained on the software and offer unlimited support via chat.

Curate software is 30 days risk free

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Save Time and Money

Manage the millions of pieces in your catering business.

Curate Proposals

End-to-end management from digital forms to beautiful proposals your clients can view, sign, and pay for from one screen to event reports that sync easily with Quickbooks Online.

Curate COGS

Manage your Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) with insanely accurate recipes down to the very teaspoon or stem, wholesaler supplier lists, and the ability to merge multiple shopping lists into one.

Curate Rentals

Keep track of all your rental inventory and even see when you've overbooked an item!

Curate provides caterers the tools they need to cut costs and improve profits.

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