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Curate helps you plan events with less hassle and more efficiency, so you can focus on what’s important: making your clients’ dreams come true.


Best for individuals executing a small number of events each year.

$1250 / Year

Created for established businesses looking to increase efficiencies of their current processes and take it to the next level.

$8000 / Year

Created for larger organizations who need an ERP built with their industry in mind.

Custom Pricing
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Creator Team Scale Enterprise
Pipeline Management Yes Yes Yes
Custom Questionnaires Yes Yes Yes
Proposals – Draft line items Yes Yes Yes
Proposals – Personalization for every client Yes Yes Yes
Proposals – Embedded proposal links Yes Yes Yes
Proposals – Drag and drop images from Pinterest Yes Yes Yes
Proposals – Media library Yes Yes Yes
Proposals – Product catalog with bulk data import Yes Yes Yes
Proposal Count 72/year Unlimited Unlimited
Event Calendar Yes Yes Yes
Contracts Yes Yes Yes
Electronic Signatures Yes Yes Yes
Payments Yes Yes Yes
Reporting with CSV Export Yes Yes Yes
Integrations None Quickbooks, Nowsta Quickbooks, Nowsta, Galley
Custom Properties 2 20 Custom
Recipe Count Single Multiple Multiple
Recipe Creation Tool Yes Yes Yes
Shopping List Single Event Multi-Event Multi-Event
Prints (BEO / Invoice / Pack List) Single Event Multi-Event Multi-Event
Saved Prints 1 10 Custom
Organize Events and Products with Tags Yes Yes Yes
Component Categories Yes Yes Yes
Product Categories 2 20 Custom
Calculated Properties None 5 Custom
Production Notes Yes Yes Yes
PDF Export/Print Yes Yes Yes
Email Support Yes Yes Yes
Chat Support Yes Yes Yes
Support Center Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated Customer Success Manager No Yes Yes
Slack Channel No No Yes
Schedule tour Schedule tour Schedule tour Schedule tour Schedule tour Schedule tour Let's Chat Let's Chat

Stacy K Ercan

Stacy K Floral

Curate has automated one full-time job and another part-time job. It now takes me 4-5 hours a week to manage orders and make purchases.

  • How much does Curate cost?

    Curate offers a range of pricing options to suit businesses of all sizes. All plans include access to our proposal builder, pipeline management tools, easy recipe creation, and more. Plus, you can always upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. Check out the details above to find the right plan for your business.

  • What's included in each Curate plan?

    Each Curate plan includes access to features like proposal builders, pipeline management, and easy payments. You’ll also enjoy support from our team of experts. Choose the plan that’s best for your business and get started today!

  • Can I pay for Curate monthly or annually?

    You can pay for Curate monthly or annually. You’ll get a discount if you choose to pay annually. Your plan will include access to proposal builder, pipeline management, easy payments, proposal themes, questionnaire forms, electronic signatures, and event timeline planning. You’ll also have access to support with each plan.

  • What if I need more than one user?

    Upgrade to add users as your team grows! Whether you’re a one-person shop or you have a large team, we’ve got you covered. And the best part? Curate makes it easy for everyone on your team to manage events – from creating proposals and recipes to tracking timelines and payments. Plus, our helpful support team is always available if you need them.

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From stem counting to recipe creation to wholesale order processing, Curate has you covered with an easy-to-use platform designed with you in mind.