Best event proposal software

Create beautiful, timely proposals (that sell) in minutes!

Stop wasting time on proposals that don’t sell. Curate makes it easy to create proposals that are beautiful and on-brand, so you can focus on what you’re best at – running your event business!

Shaya Sherwood

Stella Event Design

It would take two hours to create a proposal using pen and paper. With Curate it takes me half an hour to an hour

Event planning can be a difficult and time-consuming task, but with Curate, it becomes a breeze.

Curate makes it easy to organize your event planning business and create stunning proposals fast so you can book more clients and have the time and energy to plan events they’ll love.

Curate helps event professionals like you turn around proposals fast, without sacrificing those visually appealing elements that really wow clients.

With our platform, you can easily…

Create beautiful proposals

in minutes, not hours

Design your proposals to impress

Using our drag-and-drop interface and customizable templates

Get from proposal to booked

clients just sign and pay right from the proposal

– all in a beautiful, modern tool.

You’ve tried it all — Canva, Powerpoint, maybe even dropping hundreds on Adobe InDesign or a graphic designer. Now it’s time for Curate.

Drop the outdated, difficult-to-use tools and build the business you’ve always dreamed of with Curate.

Curate helps you:

  • Create stunning proposals that sell instantly
  • Build timesaving documents to communicate with your team and vendors
  • See all of your important details in a single dashboard
  • Increase profits through accurate quotes, quick changes, and easy ordering

Michele Soderquist

Pinehurst Resorts

Curate is easy to use, allows you to showcase your best ideas clearly and concisely to a clientele that wants to have access to your proposal across multiple devices. For a novice, this program is intuitive and makes your business look good. For a seasoned pro or a curious mind, curate can adapt for multiple uses. As part of a large resort, I love how I can create proposals at cost for internal events or full retail for outside business; and it only takes two seconds to make the switch. Curate maintains your preferred profit margin, so I don’t have to worry about new hires underpricing a centerpiece or rental item while learning the system.