Ryan O’Neil, PFCI

Ryan O’Neil, PFCI

Founder / CEO

Ryan O’Neil and his wonderfully-creative wife Rachael were the founders of Twisted Willow Design in St. Louis, Missouri. Rachael was insanely creative but hated spending hours manually curating every piece of an event. So Ryan created Curate, an event software platform that helps manage all the moving pieces. He knew there had to be an easier way for event professionals like his wife to manage events besides Excel documents, manual stem counts, and trying to remember the multiple aspects of their floral, catering, and rental businesses.

The software has grown into a full platform with various products to help event professionals manage costs, track expenses, and stop overbooking rental items. With 5-star review, best-in-industry training, and regular feature updates, Curate has evolved into a time-saving and profit-driving tool for event professionals.

Ryan has personally spoken with thousands of florists since starting Curate and is a constant source of candid advice about the industry. He’s the lead contributor to The Business Of Events blog that shares all the details of how he and his wife started a floral shop and grew it into a successful lifestyle business.

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