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How Stacy K Floral Automates and Streamlines Its Wedding Business with Curate

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-Stacy K Ercan

“I had a really strong wedding brand and Curate helped me take it to another level. It has helped us create and implement processes for each category of our wedding business. The efficiences that we’ve created with Curate have been life-changing for the company.”

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-Stacy K Ercan Owner, Stacy K Floral
Stacy K Floral provides unique floral designs for weddings and events.

The company also has a gift shop and does daily flower deliveries in Rochester, New York.


  • Working in spreadsheets and doing many tasks manually
  • Wasting inventory
  • Tracking rental inventory
  • Relaying crucial information to staff
  • Losing a key employee


  • Simplified and automated proposal building
  • Shopping List that breaks down orders automatically
  • Recipe Sheet that shows was goes into each bouquet
  • Gameplan that combines several events into one order
  • Rentals List that prevents overbooking


  • Automating and simplifying backend processses
  • Turning a fulltime job into 4-5 hours a week
  • Saving $40,000-$50,000 a year
  • Creating a thriving business


Streamlining and automating

backend processes

Stacy K Floral was thriving.

On top of running 150 to 200 weddings a year, Stacy K Ercan, the owner, also ran a gift shop and daily flower deliveries.

However, Stacy had so many manual tasks that they needed a full-time employee to cover the role, including:

1 Importing customer data into proposal documents
2 Breaking down each order to create a shopping list
3 Entering products from a spreadsheet to create purchase orders
4 Keeping a physical log of different flower prices
5 Ensuring data safety by locking printed orders in a cabinet

“I needed a better way of managing the backend processes of my businesses such as ordering, sending orders to supplies, and keeping track of data. I wanted to run weddings and events efficiently and still have time to run the gift shop and daily flower deliveries,” says Stacy.


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Simplified proposal building
Now Stacy just emails a link to Curate’s inquiry form and it automatically imports the info right into their proposal.
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Supercharged productivity
Curate automatically creates a shopping list, recipe sheet, a Gameplan, and a rentals list.
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Guaranteed profitability
The Shopping List breaks down every item that Stacy needs for an event.


An automated, effective, and
thriving wedding business

“Moving to Curate was a big change for Stacy K Floral and I appreciate that the Curate team helped us transfer our proposals into their system and held us accountable. It was worth its weight in gold.”