Nikola Nikolov

Nikola Nikolov

Co-Founder / Senior Developer

Nikola started working as a web developer shortly after graduating from high school. He’s been in the business for just about 9 years now. Mentoring other developers is a major part of his self-improvement and he loves to really focus on the quality of the products he builds. He strives to understand the user’s perspective and how they use the software. These skills and passions complement the rest of the team at Curate very well.

As one of the first developers to work on Curate, he has spent many sleepless nights to help event professionals run their business better, sooner. Nikola knows that having technical difficulties can be really frustrating, especially when it interrupts the work you’re trying to do. That’s why he gives all he can to consistently improve the software and execute fixes that make the life of our users easier.

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