Never overbook your rentals again.

Curate Rentals helps event professionals keep track of their inventory with ease.

Receive notifications for overbooked items

See your entire inventory from a single screen

Sync your inventory list with Curate Events or Curate COGS for event superpowers

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Receive notifications for overbooked items

Gone are the fears of accidentally booking your only arch or adding twenty golden votives to an order when you only have fifteen in stock. A notification will pop up when you overbook any rental item big or small.

See your entire inventory from a single screen

Whether you have fifteen rental items or fifteen thousand, you can easily scroll through all of them or use the search bar to find the rental item that best fits your needs.

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Sync your inventory list with Curate Events or Curate COGS for event superpowers

Curate Rentals syncs beautifully with Curate Events and Curate COGS for event professionals whose focus goes beyond rental items.

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"Being organized is vital to financial success in the event industry. This software provides all the tools to make sure I remain profitable."

- Sarah Campbell, Intrigue Designs -
Intrigue Designs

"This software beautifully automates and simplifies the system that I use to keep my kitchen profitable. It’s simple enough that I can teach it to other kitchen staff who don’t do tech."

- William Ortmann -
St. Louis Cardinals Nation, General Manager

"Couldn't be happier with this product. While it's great at keeping me organized, it also keeps me more profitable without any extra work. Each update makes it even better!"

- Jonathan Davis -
Carolina's Luxury Event Rentals

Best of all, Curate Rentals is in the cloud!

Get started quickly and easily! 

No servers, storage, or manual updates--we do it all for you!

Because Curate Rentals is in the cloud, you can take it everywhere you go... unfortunately, even on vacation!