Curate is more than a stem counting machine.

Curate is a floral software that automates stem counting, provides beautiful proposals, and so much more.

Floral Software That Helps You Manage Your Business 

Curate is the most streamlined solution for florists.

Curate Proposals

Florists can use Curate Proposals to generate digital forms and beautiful proposals your clients can view, sign, and pay for from one screen! Generate event reports that sync easily with Quickbooks Online with Curate Proposals!

Curate COGS

Manage your Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) with insanely accurate recipes, wholesaler supplier lists, and the ability to merge multiple shopping lists into one. No more wasted costs because of poor tracking!

Curate Rentals

Floral companies can now track of all their rental inventory and even see when they've overbooked an item with Curate Rentals! Curate Rentals can also be synced with Curate COGS to help align costs.


Curate was founded because a florist's husband knew there had to be an easier way for his wife to manage their floral studio. Florists appreciate that Curate has evolved into a time saving and profit driving tool for them.

Choose the best solution for you today!

Curate usage on cell phone
  • Automated stem counting
  • Instant professional proposals
  • Build and print and recipe sheets
  • Automagical shopping lists
  • Merge multiple events
  • Increased on-the-spot bookings
  • Save up to 75% of wasted administrative time
Curate Software Gameplan feature

Curate provides an incredible digital experience for florists and their clients.

Learn why Curate is the floral software choice for so many. Let's talk about your business needs!


"Being organized is vital to financial success in the event industry. Curate provides all the tools to make sure I remain profitable."

- Sarah Campbell -
Intrigue Designs

"We used to have to carry around all our folders for every single event and had to keep up with every small change by hand... Now, it's all in one place and a revision can happen with just a click."

- Rachel Bridgwood -
Sweet Root Village
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"Curate has made it so seamless and efficient for us: inputting flower wants and needs, customizing pricing and format, tallying flower stems, and even creating a flower master shopping list!"

- Clara Gonzalez -
Tiger Lily