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Florist Software

Everything you need to automate your floral business.

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Book More Clients

  • Eliminate the need to copy and paste information from an inquiry form into a proposal. Curate's digital forms pull all the data in automatically.
  • Quickly create eye-catching, interactive proposals and give it to the client during the consultation for the most professional feel. The quick turnaround, modern design, and ability to pay and sign on the proposal help increase your booking rate.
  • Stop wasting time when a client wants a change in the proposal. A few clicks is all it takes to make updates and send the proposal on its way.

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Curate COGS

  • Combine lists for more efficient counts and less waste
  • Project accurate prices based on stem counts
  • Merge multiple orders or separate them for different wholesalers
  • Send orders off to the supplier or wholesaler of your choice

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Curate Rentals

  • Avoid overbooking by tracking your inventory
  • Receive overbooking notifications
  • Track the status of each rental item
  • Dig into a detailed history of all your rentals

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Curate Corporate

  • Know what's going on at each of your locations
  • Streamline your sales and operating process
  • Receive advanced reporting on key metrics across each store
  • Provide a seamless and company-branded client experience

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