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Welcome to Curate, florist software designed to revolutionize the floral industry. With an understanding of the unique challenges that event florists face, Curate offers an innovative suite of tools that streamline every aspect of your business.

From effortlessly managing orders and stems to creating stunning proposals, Curate allows florists to focus on what they do best – crafting beautiful floral designs.

Embrace the future of floristry with Curate, where technology meets creativity. Watch your business bloom like never before!

How Curate Solves Common Florist Software Problems

Gorgeous proposals to WOW your clients

Curate’s event software enables your floral business to create beautiful proposals that not only captivate but also seamlessly convey vital data. Customize your proposals with rich visuals, detailed menu options, pricing (or no pricing), and event specifics—all presented in a sleek, professional format. Impress clients with clear, comprehensive information that enhances their understanding and decision-making process. With Curate, crafting beautiful, informative proposals for your floral business is effortless, ensuring you always leave a lasting impression.

florist software proposals

Quickly convert new clients into a proposal

Grab your online leads through our florist website’s online forms editor, ensuring no lead is left behind! Convert your customer relationship management (CRM) leads directly into tailored proposal templates with one button click. Input menu options, pricing, and event logistics with unmatched ease. Import customers effortlessly and utilize our client communication portal for follow-ups and reminders without leaving Curate. Collaborate smoothly with your team of event professionals to finalize proposals before presenting them to clients. Curate’s user-friendly design allows you to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time delivering an efficient experience for your clients.

No need to send a revision, just one link

Simplify your client interactions with Curate’s event management software for your flower business! With Curate, you can send proposals, online contracts, and integrated payment methods to your clients through a single, convenient link. Any updates or changes are synced in real time, ensuring your clients always have the latest details. This seamless integration saves time by reducing repetitive tasks,  data entry, enhancing client communication and overall efficiency. Plus, with an internet connection, you can manage everything from anywhere (even a mobile app), making your flower business more agile and responsive.

Customizable event prints just for you

Curate offers customizable event prints tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you need detailed flower recipes, comprehensive venue details, or organized shopping lists, our platform provides everything you need with personal attention. Easily manage wholesale orders and ensure every aspect of your event is perfectly planned. With Curate, your event prints are designed to enhance efficiency and professionalism, allowing you to focus on delivering an exceptional experience.

Stacy K Ercan

Stacy K Floral

I had a really strong wedding brand and Curate helped me take it to another level. It has helped us create and implement processes for each category of our wedding business. The efficiencies that we’ve created with Curate have been life-changing for the company.

More Ways Curate Can Streamline Your Catering Processes

Drag and drop your clients’ event desires

Transform your floral design business with Curate’s intuitive drag-and-drop feature, allowing you to bring your clients’ event to life effortlessly. Pull photos directly from Pinterest to create a stunning inspiration board, easily crop photos, and add personalized color schemes. Match your clients’ wishes perfectly into their gorgeous proposal, ensuring every detail is in the right place. This seamless process not only enhances efficiency but boosts customer satisfaction by providing an accurate visual representation of their event. With Curate, delivering exceptional and customized proposals has never been easier.

Easily sign contracts & process payments

Curate is the right software to streamline your business operations.  Easily sign contracts and process payments direct from the online proposal. Utilize our online e-signature feature to finalize agreements swiftly, pulling in contract templates to save time and ensure consistency. Clients make online payments from the proposal link, choosing their preferred payment method with ease. This seamless integration not only enhances customer service but also positively impacts your profit margins by reducing administrative overhead and accelerating the payment process. With Curate, managing contracts and payments is both efficient and effortless.

Manage orders, recipes & rentals

Effortlessly manage orders, recipes, and rentals with Curate, the ultimate tool for optimizing your floral business operations. Keep track of every detail, from individual flower recipes to bulk orders, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Seamlessly coordinate rentals, making sure all necessary items are accounted for and delivered on time. Curate’s comprehensive platform provides everything you need to stay organized and deliver exceptional service, allowing you to focus on what you do best—creating beautiful floral arrangements that leave a lasting impression.

What Our Customers Say

“Curate has streamlined my administrative duties, saving me precious time and energy. Clients are also impressed with the quotes and the ease of payments.”

Vicki Weed

“We love how curate has helped to streamline our wedding & event process from start to finish. The features that are available to help cut out the guess work and inspire our customers has been life changing!”

Rebecca Frey

“Curate is like having a super organised virtual assistant that has all the answers.  I sometimes freelance for other florist business friends and cannot believe they are not using Curate to organize their business.”

Alison Howe

Save ONE Day Per Week!

With the ability to quickly duplicate floral proposals, drag and drop image abilities, recipes & prints, Curate is the way to go. We’ve surveyed our customers, here is what they say about the time they’ve saved with Curate business software.

  • 42% less time needed creating the initial proposal for a single event when using Curate.
  • 35% fewer cumulative hours required for the sales process with Curate versus other software solutions.
  • 61% less time putting together recipes and shopping lists for a single event in Curate.
  • 39% less time spent on operational paperwork due to Curate’s ease of use.
Curate Infographic for time savings.

What would you do with a whole day back every week?

Add up the time saved on critical business areas with Curate and you get over 8 hours! That’s a whole day back in your week. Use the time to capture more customers, improve your internal processes, or increase your communication with your existing customers…it’s up to you!

Shaya Sherwood

Stella Event Design

We did 70 events and made $170,000 this year. We couldn’t have
done it without Curate. They’ve reduced the time it takes to create
proposals by 50%. I would recommend Curate in a heartbeat.

Let Us Be Your Floral Software Partner

At Curate, we aim to be more than just your flower shop software provider; we strive to be your dedicated partner in delivering an exceptional customer experience to your business challenges We genuinely care about your success and are committed to providing top-tier customer support tailored to your unique needs. 

Our team listens to your feedback and continuously adds new features to ensure Curate evolves with your business. With our cutting-edge florist software solution and unwavering support, you can trust that we are here to help you thrive. Experience the Curate difference, where friendly staff and a genuine partnership drive your floral business forward.

You’ve tried it all — Honeybook, Details, even manually tracking everything in spreadsheets and using pen and paper. Now it’s time for Curate.

By integrating all your florist business needs into one cohesive system, Curate allows you, the business owner, to make well-informed business decisions with real-time data and insights.

Whether you’re orchestrating large-scale weddings, corporate floral arrangements or intimate events, Curate’s florist management software ensures your floral operations run smoothly, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional service to your clients.

Embrace the future of your floral management with Curate – the ultimate, knowledgeable, and innovative software solution for the entire floral process.

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