Curate COGS

Software to help control costs and minimize waste

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, stick notes, and messy folders
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Increase profitability and minimize waste

Create perfectly profitable recipes

Add your stem counts with a few clicks to price out each item in your proposal for a maximized profit. Turn the recipes into an easy order for your supplier with a few clicks.

Know your expenses

That "free" toss bouquet or vase upgrade you threw into your proposal may be free for your client but it's costing you something. Add those freebies into Curate COGS to generate an accurate report of what the event is really costing you.

Merge multiple shopping lists

Instead of sending multiple orders to your wholesaler for a weekend of events, or combining Excel recipe sheets to avoid over-ordering (or worse, under-ordering), you can let Curate COGS do the work for you.

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