Software to help you control costs.

Curate COGS helps event professionals increase their profitability and minimize waste.

Create perfectly profitable recipes

Keep track of all your expenses

Merge multiple shopping lists

curate software recipes for florists and caterers proposals

Create insanely accurate recipes

Whether you're a florist putting together a recipe for a bridal bouquet or a caterer creating recipes for a delectable dessert menu, enjoy software that helps you create recipes that are so accurate you'll never have to worry about wasted product again.

Keep track of your expenses

That "free" appetizer, toss bouquet, or vase upgrade you threw into your proposal may be free for your client but it's costing you something. Add those freebies into Curate COGS as an expense item to generate an incredibly accurate report of what the event is really costing you.

Curate software add new expense item
Curate Software Gameplan feature for event professionals

Merge multiple shopping lists into one

Say you have ten events next week that you need to order consumables for. Instead of having to send ten orders to your wholesaler or do the extra work of combining Excel recipe sheets to avoid over-ordering (or worse, under-ordering), you can let Curate COGS do the work for you. Plus, you can even pad your order with a click of a button!

Our flagship software, Stemcounter by Curate, helps event professionals save 75% of wasted administrative time.

Curate digital catering proposals

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Intrigue Designs loves Curate floral software

"Being organized is vital to financial success in the event industry. Curate provides all the tools to make sure I remain profitable."

- Sarah Campbell -
Intrigue Designs
Tricia Woodman loves Curate's proposal software.

“Curate is going to help us save 80+ hours per week of administrative time.”

- Tricia Woodman -
Corky's BBQ & Simply Delicious Catering
Curate software to manage event rentals inventory.

"Couldn't be happier with Curate. While it's great at keeping me organized, it also keeps me more profitable without any extra work. Each update makes it even better!"

- Jonathan Davis -
Carolina's Luxury Event Rentals

Best of all, Curate COGS is in the cloud!

Get started quickly and easily

No servers, storage, or manual updates--we do it all for you!

Because Curate COGS is in the cloud, you can take it everywhere you go... unfortunately, even on vacation!