Ben Glass

Ben Glass

Co-Founder / Director of Industry Partnerships

Ben graduated from the University of Arkansas, focusing on Business and Marketing with a passion for helping lead and grow teams towards achieving bigger picture goals. With a diverse work history of sales, marketing, product and IT, Ben has a passion in looking at the end result and finding ways to always tie benefits back to the end customer.

Ben’s current role in Curate plays on these past experiences as he leads the Curate Collaborations Team, focusing on education and relationships within the industry and collaborating with key players in the space. Through networking, discovering and interacting with educators, Ben focuses on the end customer, bringing resources and education to help the industry thrive.

“I am a transplant to The midwest, born and raised in the south. I recently purchased a fixer-upper, but when I’m not working on a house project, I am working on my newest hobby: making kombucha. If you are wondering, my SCOBY’s name is Toby. (Feel free to google for more info on that process.)

As the head of the Collaborations team, my goal is to collaborate with companies and contacts in the industry that are helping wedding and event professionals be incredibly efficient. This could involve working with leaders and organizations in the industry to share helpful content, or integrating with incredible companies that streamline and save time for our customers.

One thing I always recommend when working with new and existing companies is to work with companies that are obsessed with the end-customer’s total experience and strive to make their life easier.”

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