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Curate's Story

Curate is a cloud-based software solution created to help you streamline your processes for your events, allowing you to provide professional proposals, manage your teams, and spend more time managing instead of  dealing with time-consuming administrative pieces.

The Curate Process

Curate aims to provide end-to-end control over every small piece you and your team touch in your wedding and event management.

The Consultation

During the consultation, we'll learn all about your business. Be prepared to talk about your current processes, various locations, goals and challenges, and how Curate can help you and your team.

Be prepared for a walk-through of the software. See how Curate works based on your team's needs. This will also be the perfect time for you to ask questions about specific features.


The Proposal

We'll walk through your Curate custom proposal based on the needs you shared in The Consultation in this follow up Proposal meeting. We'll answer any further questions and make revisions to the proposal. Once all changes are updated and the proposed plan is agreed upon, we take care of the paperwork, and you're good to go as a Curator!


The Implementation

We'll build a custom implementation plan based on your organizational needs, including uploading items into your Curate account and organizing a customized on-boarding session for you and your team. We also offer various training options for your team, including custom videos and in-person training, as well as ongoing chat support simply by clicking on the blue box at the bottom right of the screen!


The Impossible Made POSSIBLE

Your entire team will be aligned, increasing event efficiency by a minimum of 5%. Your clients will have an immersive digital experience, leading to an increase in brand perception and average sale value. Your sales team will have a perfectly streamlined process that allows them to click (or, write!) less and sell more.

Curate digital catering proposals

Learn more about what you can do with the power of Curate Proposals behind your business.

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Intrigue Designs loves Curate floral software

"Being organized is vital to financial success in the event industry. This software provides all the tools to make sure I remain profitable."

- Sarah Campbell -
Intrigue Designs
Tricia Woodman loves Curate's proposal software.

“Curate is going to help us save 80+ hours per week of administrative time.”

- Tricia Woodman -
Corky's BBQ & Simply Delicious Catering
Curate software to manage event rentals inventory.

"Couldn't be happier with Curate. While it's great at keeping me organized, it also keeps me more profitable without any extra work. Each update makes it even better!"

- Jonathan Davis -
Carolina's Luxury Event Rentals

Best of all, Curate Proposals is in the cloud!

Get started quickly and easily!

No servers, storage, or manual updates--we do it all for you!

Because Curate Proposals is in the cloud, you can take it everywhere you go... unfortunately, even on vacation!