Curate Referral Program

Make Income while Helping your Friends

Tell your friends about how Curate has helped you in your business.

Your friends receive 20% off their first year year as a Curator.

You receive $100 after 30 days for each friend you help become a Curator.

Curate Referral Program

When you log in, choose "Account" on the left menu. Once you click on "Account", the Curate Shares is the 4th tab in the middle of the computer screen. Go to the "Curate Shares" tab and click "Join Curate Shares". 

Share your personal Curator link to your friends and social media followers.

Simply click on your personalized link and it copies to your clipboard. Paste the link on your social media platforms, in an email, or shoot a quick text to your friends and family so they receive 20% off their first year on any of Curate's products annual plans and you receive $100!

Curate proposal software for florists & caterers
  • Know how many times your personalized URL is visited.

  • Keep track of how many of your friends and family have become Curators

  • Link Curate Shares to your Stripe account and let the money start piling up!

Curate loves to pay for Referrals

Thank you for telling the Curate story!

Our customers and partners are our best advocates! The only way we're able to continue growing our business is because of you. We appreciate your continued support, and hope Curate Shares proves to be a great way to build supplemental income while you continue doing what you've already been doing - referring your friends and family.