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Curate provides caterers with the ability to create quick, accurate, and beautiful proposals.

Software Made in this Century

Curate is the most intuitive, modern catering software.

Finally, a catering software your sales team won't hate! Curate is the only catering software that offers mobile - friendly proposals, leveraging the power of technology to help improve efficiency for caterers like you. Curate helps you streamline your processes from proposal to strike. Curate's 1-hour FREE onboarding will help you set up your dashboard - from logo and branding integration to setting up your inventory. so you can manage recipe and rental costs.

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Tricia Woodman loves Curate's proposals.

"These are the most beautiful proposals I've ever seen."

- Tricia Woodman -
Owner, Corky's BBQ
Cardinals Nation in St. Louis loves the Curate software

"This software beautifully automates and simplifies the system that I use to keep my kitchen profitable. It’s simple enough that I can teach it to other kitchen staff who don’t do tech."

- William Ortmann -
St. Louis Cardinals Nation, General Manager

Save Time and Money

Manage the millions of pieces in your catering business.

Curate increases efficiency by allowing you to streamline the various stages of your business, from proposals to strike. Spend more time managing your employees and events than your proposals and Cost of Goods Sold...but that's just the beginning! Curate allows you to merge multiple shopping lists, assign employees tasks, and more! Still have questions? Click on the bottom right icon, and send us a chat message!

Curate is easy to use catering software.
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Curate Software for Caterers

Curate provides caterers the tools they need to cut costs and improve profits.

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